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Barcelona - sold in 2007 to Korea

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Clark - show jumping 1,30m

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Clark - show jumping 1,30m

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Colonie - show jumping 1,40m

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Laphroaig - show jumping 1,40m

The year of 2014 was very succesfull for Sporthorses4u.

Not only did we continue to cooperate with our regular clients but we also made contact with new clients all around the world. Read more here...

Our rider Ida won the Regional Dressage Championships

and placed 3rd in the National Dressage Team Championships with Renoir MK(6 y.o.CZEWB), Read more here...

Fabulous mare Orlanda

20.6.2014In June our client, who bought a share of our fabulous mare Orlanda, competed in a luxurious show in Šamorín... Read more here...

The first May weekend was full of very good results

5.5.2014 / This year´s first Young horse Championship qualifier went very well for our horses scoring from 66% to 71%.

Easter weekend again very rich in placings

in this year´s first dressage show in Brno Read more here...

Full House had his first competition

on the 12th of April at a show in our stables and he took first place!

Vlacido sold to Korea

at the end of December won his first show in Soul in a 140cm competition.

In April our horses

went to this year´s first outdoor show and again placed nice performances.

The first March weekend was very succesfull!

10.3.2014 / Our horses and the horses of our clients went very well at a show with international competition in Magna Racino.


Name Pedigree Picture 2 Picture 3 Picture 4
Apath Apath Apath Apath Apath
Bibo Bibo Bibo Bibo Bibo
Burbery Brit Burbery-brit Burbery-brit Burbery-brit
Calata Calata Calata Calata Calata
Cassidy Cassidy Cassidy Cassidy Cassidy
Claudius Claudius Claudius Claudius Claudius
Cloudy Night Cloudy Night Cloudy Night Cloudy Night Cloudy Night
Con Acord Con Acord Con Acord Con Acord Con Acord
Con Chico Con Chico Con Chico Con Chico Con Chico
Cordana Cordana Cordana Cordana Cordana
Corrada Corrada Corrada Corrada Corrada
Lamborghini Lamborghini Lamborghini Lamborghini Lamborghini
Lili Lili Lili Lili
Logan Logan Logan Logan Logan
Luisiana Luisiana Luisiana Luisiana Luisiana
Lukrecia Lukrecia Lukrecia Lukrecia Lukrecia
Mary Anne Mary Anne Mary Anne Mary Anne Mary Anne
Peggy Peggy Peggy Peggy Peggy
Poison Poison Poison Poison Poison
Sisi Sisi Sisi Sisi Sisi
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